Real Stories

  • Judi

    My husband was an accountant. With his financial expertise, we took pains to budget carefully for retirement – we prepared our whole lives for it, and had a comfortable…

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  • Rochelle

    I picked a great career for myself – a nurse. For a long time, it afforded my family a wonderful lifestyle. My kids and I went on vacations, owned a house, and did all …

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  • Aurelius

    Vietnam, 1975. Aurelius was just 17 years old, but charged with dismantling bombs and missiles; he held the lives of fellow servicemen in his hands. The stress of war t…

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  • Beth

    Sometimes it’s a singular event that can drive a family to seek help from Feeding America. For Beth, it was a divorce.

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  • Brian and Amy

    Amy recently lost her job and Brian’s work is seasonal. He does a little bit of everything: “A little technician, truck driver, haul oil,” he says.

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  • Cynthia and Larry

    Larry and Cynthia have never been rich, but they’ve had enough to provide for themselves, take the occasional vacation, and even give back to those in need. A few years…

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