District of ColumbiaMay is Older Americans Month ... but it is not necessarily a time for celebration.

Nearly four million U.S. seniors are food insecure. Many of these older Americans live on fixed incomes, and are often forced to choose between buying groceries or paying for health care, housing, or other basic essentials.

Meet some clients who are experiencing this first hand:

  • Ola and Alberta
  • Bobby 
  • George

Food insecurity among seniors is especially troublesome because of their unique nutritional needs.  Many require special diets for medical conditions. To meet these needs, many seniors at risk of hunger depend on local food pantries for help.  Among food pantry clients 65 and older, more than half reported visiting a pantry on a monthly basis, according  to the Feeding America’s recently released report, “Food Banks: Hunger’s New Staple”. This suggests that the fixed incomes of elderly may be insufficient to provide for their basic needs.

Learn more about the facts of why hunger is so pervasive with this generation that built the foundation of our society today.

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