SNAP Outreach Program Concept

To increase SNAP participation, over the next five years we will do the following: assess barriers to program access, identify keys to success, develop strategies to improve participation rates and share best practices within the network. To maximize outreach efforts nationwide, we will provide financial and technical assistance, help food banks build relationships with their county and state SNAP officials, support the adoption of state SNAP-friendly policies and options, and assist food banks in leveraging federal funding and obtaining sustainable funding for their outreach efforts.

Program Summary

The SNAP Outreach Program provides access to food for more than 1 million people each year, increasing participation among eligible individuals to 70% by 2012. The program will strategically support up to seven states per year by:

  • Investing in them financially
  • leveraging our investment with federal money by adding food banks to the state SNAP outreach plan, and
  • Dedicating staff expertise and resources 

Program Objectives 

  • Raise awareness about SNAP benefits with eligible, non-participating individuals in need
  • Provide assistance in applying for SNAP benefits
  • Reduce barriers to accessing food assistance programs 

National Program Data 

Feeding America’s comprehensive study on hunger, Hunger in America 2010, shows that only 41% of Feeding America clients receive SNAP benefits even though 88% are potentially eligible based on their income. This disparity creates an opportunity for our network of food banks to engage their clients in SNAP outreach as a means to secure even more meals for their family. With more of our clients utilizing SNAP benefits to alleviate their food insecurity, our food banks will be able to reach even further into the community to serve more families.

Does Your Local Feeding America Food Bank Operate a SNAP Outreach Program?
Use the Food Bank Locator here to contact your local food bank and find out what they are doing in your community.

Need More Information?
For additional information on the SNAP Outreach Program or any of Feeding America’s child hunger programs please, contact the programs team.