The Mobile Pantry Program Concept

A mobile pantry is a method of direct client distribution in an organized format managed either by food bank or agency staff that utilizes a dry/refrigerated vehicle to provide food that traditional pantries do not normally accept or distribute to people in need.

Program Summary

Mobile pantries allow food banks to engage a much larger circle of groups in supplying food to the needy, thereby increasing the number of people served, and extending service into regions that the food bank hadn’t before been able to reach. 

Program Objectives 

  • Expanded capacity
  • Removal of barriers that prevent access to unserved/underserved areas
  • Flexibility in delivery of hard-to-move food and grocery products in an effective, expeditious manner with or without agency involvement while maintaining an atmosphere of dignity

National Program Data

  • 129 members are operating mobile pantry distributions throughout our network.
  • Average volume of food distributed per mobile pantry vehicle per year is 900,000 lbs
  • Avg. pounds per distribution is 7,500 lbs.
  • 10 distributions per month / per year = 900,000 lbs.
  • Utilization of Vehicle at 2.5 distributions per week
  • Each additional distribution adds 7,500 lbs
  • Conservative Distribution Numbers

Does You Local Feeding America Food Bank Operate a Mobile Pantry Program?
Use the Food Bank Locator here to contact your local food bank and find out what they are doing in your community.

Need More Information?
For additional information on the Mobile Pantry program or any of Feeding America’s child hunger programs please, contact the programs team.