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Jim Lin is a marketing professional who spends his days honing his powers of persuasion and his nights wondering why he can't convince his kids to go to bed already. Because he's been told that things make more sense when you write them down, he blogs about life as a dad at The Busy Dad Blog. To the outside world, his blog is a repository of anecdotal parenting adventures; to Jim, it is a roadmap that helps him piece together where he's been the past couple days, when he suddenly wakes up drooling and disoriented in his office. So far, this has led him through rivers of Legos, vast expanses of the Star Wars universe, down Sesame Street, and back to his humble home in the suburbs of Northern CA, where his wife,  9-year old son and 22-month old daughter celebrate his arrival with open arms and "what's for dinner, dad?"

“And that's why I support Feeding America. All children should be able to ask that simple question and be delighted, nourished and prepared for whatever greatness their minds can imagine.”