Code of Ethics

Feeding America was founded for the public good.

We are always mindful that our ability to achieve this mission relies upon the faith and trust of the general public. As an organization we constantly strive to meet the highest standards of excellence and operate under a code of business and professional ethics that honors our public support. Ethical conduct is part of every employee’s job and a source of public confidence. It is the benchmark against which everyone must ultimately test all decisions.

Foundation for the Code of Ethics

Feeding America has adopted a shared set of core values that give guidance to the organization as to how to achieve our vision of creating a hunger-free America. These values provide a standard of expected behavior and a framework for decision-making for the staff, volunteers and partners. They are, therefore, the foundation of our Code of Ethics.

Who is Responsible for Feeding America Code of Ethics

All Feeding America employees are required to adhere to accepted business standards of conduct while on the organization’s premises or engaged in organizational business. We may not engage in any illegal, fraudulent, dishonest, negligent or otherwise unethical action in connection with Feeding America operations or activities.

Each of us is responsible for the professional integrity of our own work. We are also responsible for reporting wrongdoing. If a law or organization policy has been broken, all employees have a duty to report this, verbally or in writing, promptly and confidentially through the line of administrative supervision. When the alleged impropriety appears to involve a management employee, reports should be referred to the Senior Vice President of Human Resources or the President/CEO. Reports of suspected financial irregularities should be reported directly to the Chief Financial Officer and President/CEO. Any department supervisor alerted to such an incident must immediately notify the Senior Vice President of Human Resources.