Hunger and obesity have historically been viewed as separate public health problems, but today there is growing evidence that suggests otherwise. People who are hungry often face a dual burden of obtaining enough food and accessing food that is also nutritionally adequate to promote health and prevent disease.  In today’s environment, many people are often forced to trade-off between caloric sufficiency and dietary quality, often sacrificing the latter to ensure there is enough food to go around.

Together we will work “to make the healthy choice, the easy choice”. Learning about the problem is the first step to a solution, and we thank you for joining today’s Twitter Chat hosted by Feeding America as part of National Nutrition Month®. Here are a few simple ways that you can get involved to help reduce hunger and promote nutrition:

  • Tweet your member of Congress! If you found us through our Twitter Chat, you must be social media savvy. Use that to engage your members of Congress and let them know that hunger and nutrition are important to you:
    • Find your members of Congress:
    • Send them a Tweet: I just participated in #BetterFood chat about hunger and nutrition. Please support federal nutrition programs.
    • Stay engaged! Want to learn more about hunger and nutrition? Join the Hunger Action Center and stay informed about what Congress is doing to address the joint problems of hunger and nutrition and get alerts at key opportunities to influence the process.
    • Get the facts. Learn what hunger looks like in your community. Find your county in our interactive map
    • Volunteer! Find your local food bank and sign up to volunteer.
    • Get help. If you’re struggling to put food on the table, we can help you find food assistance and nutritious recipes for a limited budget.

    With our partners, the Feeding America network is uniquely positioned and will continue to step up to the challenge, to fight hunger and promote good nutrition for the millions of people and in the thousands of communities we serve across the country.